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the first part

Buscando la zona de orden.

Del orden implícito-Del sentido implícito-Del crear -implícito.

Del orden implícito-Interpretando el mundo

El mundo implícito-El de los limites implícitos-Del lenguaje implícito-De la nada implícita-En donde nada tiene sentido-Pero todo tiene sentido


pasando el umbral, hacia el silencio con la intención lunar de fundirse en una soledad creadora, de silencio puro, de signos magros, que fundamenten todo un mundo -

De sublimar nuestros desatinos, en desatinos mas sublimes.

- Sublimar:volatilizar un cuerpo sólido - Condensar: reducir a menor volumen, conservar lo esencial - invocando - convocando - evocando - a la sombra de mil gritos silenciosos, de un tiempo sin tiempo. - ...hasta que las palabras se conviertan en silencio... - ...hasta que las imágenes se conviertan en nada... - ...hasta que nada se convierta en todo...


This is my clandestine way to give testimony, to inform my situation, in front of the mystery and the prodigies of the being, of the thought and it is an premeditated intent to get closed to the light that I can see in the darkness, that abstract light that stimulates my step, the conscience, the perception, the jump from the concrete and enclosed to the entirely impersonal.

Here, in this space, is where darkness finds refuge, what the light of reason does not permit, the place of death, not the destroying force, but that of the concept of change and of the renovation of life itself. Here, the image gives us a limited report on pure beings who suffer anguish and pain of the worst of modernity: "the emptiness"

Who are we?
Extraordinary events that flower only once, acquire a transitory existence that never repeats.

These projects attempts almost obsessively to create a moment of self-knowledge, of recognizing oneself as part of a humanity that has the need and obligation to rescue its life from the darkness, stop just surviving and begin life, leaving behind the fear that paralyzes us and moving in search of our genetic dignity. This work establishes the concrete materialization of a spiritual language, of its survival instinct, that has no other tool that stripping all and giving all so that humanity react towards self-revolution.

un camino de largo infinito

II - beckett projets

III - enclosed beings

IV - the third point

estetica del silencio - javier lopez rotella - del intento.

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