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contemporary art - photography - thought - image - movement. projects and works. installations, shows, etc.

Javier Lopez Rotella (Argentina, 1967)

Producer in contemporary art and photographer and Director of the Photography area in the Contemporary Space of Mendoza's Art. Arg. Director and Creator of III día (third day) creation and investigation in Art Inc. As well as photography he works in the video art, multimedia, and the theatre. it has exposed their works in individual, collective, biennial exhibitions and festivals in Argentinean, Europe and United States, he has obtained prizes and national scholarships, and their work has been published so much in the country as abroad, its works are in museums, galleries and national and international private collections.



- Enclosed beings; Seres Acotados. Schneider Gallery Chicago.

- Seres Acotados. Helix Gallery. Miami Florida.

- Photography of the Figure Cummings Gallery and Photomedia Art Center. Pensylvania.


- Enclosed beings. Superfine art Gallery. Dambo Broklyn.

- Photography. Group Show. Balance Gallery. New Jersey

- Collision; Foto instalación. Nortlight Studio Gallery. New York

- Photo installation. N place. New York.


- Reference point ArtexArte Gallery. Buenos Aires

- BEING-HUMAN-BEING. Multiproyection photo installation Contemporary Art Museum. Santiago Chile

- Identity; Benham Gallery. Seattle USA

- The Gables Yard Gallery, Norfolk/Suffolk, UK


- Eye-See Gallery, Belgium. Seres Acotados ('Enclosed Beings). photography.

- PhotoEspaña Discovers (Portfolios)

- La Fotografía Estenopeica. Museum of Modern Art Mendoza.


-Decit of the Intellect Benham Gallery. Seattle USA

- BEING-HUMAN-BEING project. Multiproyection photo installation. Contemporary

Art Center. Mendoza.


- 'Enclosed Beings 4', Filo gallery (Bs As) Light world festival

- 'The third point', photo installation. Buenos Aires


- 'Enclosed Beings', a multimedia proposal (theatre, visual arts, video art, multimedia, literature)

Art-by-Art gallery. Buenos Aires

- 'Enclosed Beings II', photography and drawing. Argentine Photo Club. Buenos Aires

- Retrospective 1995-99, 'Spacio Aperto'(opened space). Italian embassy. Mendoza


- Photo installation ' the wheel of time'. 4th international biennial of experimental art. Modern art museum. Mendoza.

- Exhibition of photo-painting for the release of the book 'Alejamiento Hotel'. Axxys foundation. Mendoza. (black painting-photography)

- Photo installation 'From Silence From Loneliness From Life From Death' tribute S. Beckett. Recoleta cultural center. Bs.As. (black painting-photography)

- Photo installation 'Tribute Sam Beckett', third part. Mendoza. (black painting-photography)


- Photo installation 'Tribute Sam Beckett' second part. Mendoza. (black painting-photography)

- Photo installation 'Tribute Sam Beckett'. Mendoza. (black painting-photography)

- Exhibition 'in wings of attempt', Miro station. Mendoza. (painting-photography)

- Exhibition 'attempt of time', Photo installation .Modern Art Museum. Mendoza. (painting-photography)



-Palais de Glace Award destinated to the New Argentinean Painters 2000.

Second place.

-Kleem Photography Foundation award. Second place.


-Palais de Glace Award destinated to the New Argentinean Painters 1999.

Third place.


-October foundation Award (photography). Buenos Aires. Argentina


-Young Art and Creative Forms award. Zaldivar Foundation (painting)

Third Acquisition award. Photographic art.

- Vendimia Photographic Art Saloon award. First place and Honor Mention


First Regional Saloon of Painting. Mendoza. Argentina. Jury mention.


- XV Painting Saloon award. Council of Professional Economic Sciences.

Mendoza. Argentina

- Vendimia Plastic Arts Saloon award. Drawing

- Vendimia Photographic Art Saloon award. Third place Acquisition award. -

- Painting Regional Saloon 'Joaquin Barbera'. Mendoza. Third place.

- Acquisition award. First saloon of painting 'Atuel'. Second place. Painting


Vendimia Photographic Art Saloon award. Second mention.


Annual Photographic Art saloon. Mendoza. Jury second mention.


- National Presidency for the Cultural Excellence fellowship. Arg.1999

- National Funds for Arts Fellowship. Arg. 2001;;


estetica del silencio - javier lopez rotella - del intento.

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